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Pregnancy and the Workplace (video interview)

Pregnant and working? Wanting to know if your job will allow you maternity leave? Having an issue with knowing your workplace rights as a new parent?

Read below for more potential life changing information:


No one can tell us how to be a perfect parent. No matter how much education, reading, or advice you receive from others, there is no way to be fully prepared for the new journey that lies ahead. As the world begins to enter into a new workplace normal in a post pandemic society, it is important to help new moms and parenting families know what resources can help them ease into this new transition a little better especially in your jobs and place of work. Join us as Nurturing Amenities hosts the First Shift Justice Project located in Washington D.C in our nonprofit collaboration series! You won’t want to miss it. Thank you First Shift and Allison Tallering, in providing us with great conversation, informative education, and resources that we may not have known existed!!

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